How to Stay in Shape During a Long Trip

Working out while traveling (photo credit: Dustin Snipes)

Staying in shape during a long trip is a real challenge. Heck, I know something about it. I spent most of the past two years backpacking in an exotic country. So, how can you train properly when you are on the move every three days? What kind of equipment should you bring in order to train as effectively in a crappy B&B as in a five-star hotel? And maybe the most difficult question of all: how can you stay motivated when you are on the other side of the world?

After many tries (and a whole lot of fails), I put together a simple guide that answers all these questions. Continue reading

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World Number 1 Servet Tazegül In Pictures

Servet Tazegül World Number 1 (credit: Peter Bolz)

World number 1 in the -68kg class (WTF ranking), Servet Tazegül has been reigning supreme in his weight category for the last two years. See for yourself: 2011 World Champion in Gyeongju, then 2012 European Champion in Manchester, he landed the Olympic gold medal in London last summer. Here are some pictures of this great champion.  Continue reading

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At Last! Martial Arts Defined In One Sentence

Martia Arts Definition (photo credit: Mauro Squiz Daviddi)

I stumbled upon a very interesting question on Quora, which is: In a sentence, how do you define martial arts? Answers range from very cliché, to pretty well-argued. The most popular definition so far is the following:

A martial art is a system of personal combat with a distinct syllabus of techniques, fighting strategies, and physical training methods, designed to enable a practitioner to physically overcome larger, stronger, heavier opponents and meant to be practiced over the course of a lifetime.

What do you think of it? Leave your comments bellow or follow this question here.

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4 fighting games that will keep you stuck on your phone

Fighting Games for Android (credit: King Of Fighters by cirExUAB on deviantART)

As I concluded in my previous post, free fighting games on the Android platform are scarce and their quality ranges from decent to awful. One alternative solution is to use emulators in order to have access to the numerous fighting games available on the other platforms.

There are Android emulators for virtually any game console ever released on earth, yet not all of them are stable and easy to use. I chose to present the Neo Geo case, an arcade console of the last century, host of many legendary fighting games. Continue reading

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I am back!

KO Podium is back in the gym

In case you were wondering, no, KO Podium hasn’t been abandoned! The beginning of 2013 was quite eventful for me, so I just couldn’t write much. This year, the focus on this blog will be the same: general articles about martial arts, some movie reviews, some interviews, one or two infographics, and most importantly, a fine analysis of the results of the main taekwondo events!

I also intend to add a new martial art in the trend monitoring tool in the next few months. By the way, thanks to all the readers who sent me their suggestions or identified some bugs. I will do the modifications as soon as possible.

To be posted soon, the follow-up on my quest to find a decent, free fighting game on Android.

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The Quest for a Good, Free Fighting Game for Android

Fighting Games for Android Cellphones

Like many martial artists, I have always been a fighting game enthusiast. Game consoles, arcade machines, computers—combining all the platforms, I must have spent hundreds of hours on them.

Today, the device I use most is my Android smartphone, and I finally decided to look for a nice fighting game for when I wait in the subway or at the dentist. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of Android applications, so there should be one or two decent, free fighting games, right? Continue reading

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Dominique Valéra, France Karate Legend

Dominique Valéra

Former Karate World Champion and 9th dan, Dominique Valéra is an important figure of martial arts in France. Die hard Full Contact Karate evangelist, he gave to the blog Au tapis! an authentic and striking interview, especially for those who don’t know about him yet.

Extract: “Sports and martial arts in particular, allowed me to stay on the Sports page of newspapers, instead of ending up on the violence-related section.Continue reading →

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[Guest Post] Martial Arts and Personal Development

Martial Arts and Personal Development

This is a guest post written by Fabien Miras, writer of the French blog Arts Martiaux et Développement Personnel.

Combining the two notions seems obvious. When we talk about martial arts, the image of a zen master, sitting cross-legged and meditating in front of the rising sun isn’t far off. The history of martial arts has its share of legendary heroes and fabulous myths, yet there is one fundamental truth: doing martial arts helps one to become a better person. Here is a review of some of the positive effects practicing a martial art has on our personal well-being. Continue reading

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