Focus on the results by nation over time

Until recently, one of my long term goals for KO Podium was to build a database with the results of the main events (world and continental championships), in order to identify champions – promising young athletes or experienced veterans – who deserve more coverage. I finally changed my mind for two reasons:

  1. It’s a really teadious work. All in all, each federation (keep in mind that there are numerous national federations and continental unions for each martial art…) publishes its results with a different format, which usually changes every 5 years or so. Therefore it’s quite complicated to automate the data gathering. Doing it in a consistent and comprehensive manner requires long hours of meticulous, laborious (and monotonous) work. I praise the fantastic job done by specialized websites like Taekwondo Data.
  2. Gathering information makes sense if it’s really useful. If you live in Spain, you are likely not interested in the last South-East Asian championships raw results. As a martial art fan, you would probably be if I added beautiful pictures and jaw dropping videos of the event. Truth is, I clearly can’t do that for now.
Example of a result format
Sometimes, it's just too complicated... (credit:

Besides, I had an easy-to-carry-out idea to leverage the now dropped database architecture : study the results of the nations – ranked according to the medal tally – over a long period of time in the main international events. To be more precise, I modified the database to count the nations’ results instead of the athletes’. For my first experiment, I will study the European Taekwondo Junior Championships results of the last 15 years. Which are the top tier performing countries ? Which country made the most impressive progress ? There is a lot to learn from such a study!

These results could be even more interesting once combined with others. This very first test is a good example. Afterwards, we could compare the findings with the senior championships data and then identify the countries with the best junior to senior/elite evolution rate.

Stay tuned, first report next week!

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