Sharing the charts made easier

Quick (and practical) update today. I tweaked the chart pages to include the parameters into the url, hence making them easier to share. For example, next month there will be the 9th WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships 2012 in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt). Let’s say you browse KO podium database to check your team last results – and maybe to try to guess how many medals it wil likely win with a trend-based analysis (in that case you might want to read this study about the European junior championships).

Before, If you wanted to easily share the graph displaying the results of the USA team versus Turkey, Croatia and Iran, you just couldn’t. Your friends would have had to go through the form and select the countries again. Now, you just have to copy the address and send it to them.

Oh wait…nope. I also added handy social sharing buttons right under the graph, so just one click and you’re done!

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