A Results Overview For Each Of The Taekwondo Championships

The last update brought a specific page for each nation. Today, I will introduce a similar feature: a summary page for the Taekwondo Championships.

With a glance, you will be able to:

    • See the Top 10 nations that got the best results in recent years, based on the number of medals won during the last three editions:
Top 10: European Teakwondo Championships
Top 10: European Teakwondo Championships
    • Compare the historical results of various nations in terms of medals won or place in the event’s ranking:
World Taekwondo Championships - Results comparison
World Taekwondo Championships - Results comparison
    • Identify the current main trends; that is, spot the nations making huge progress or those clearly on the decline:
Asian Taekwondo Championships - Trends
Asian Taekwondo Championships: Current Trends
    • Find the full results of a given year thanks to the list of the past editions.

Also, I just added two major continental championships: the Pan American Taekwondo Championships and the Asian Taekwondo Championships.

The complete list of competitions is available on the main page of the Taekwondo Results.


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