Changing to the gold medal first method

Since three months, there is a summary page for each taekwondo championship, with an overall ranking, the main trends, and the list of all results available on the site.
Until today, the ranking was based on the total number of medals won during the last three editions. This ranking now follows the gold medal first method (a.k.a the Olympic method): countries are first ranked by number of gold medals, then by number of silver medals, and last by number of bronze medals won. 

This ranking system, used in most of the major competitions, venerates the champions (read: the gold medal winners) by giving absolute priority to gold medals. Therefore, a nation that wins just one gold medal is ranked higher than another one with ten or twenty bronze/silver medals in its basket.

I don’t mean to debate the fairness of this medal tally ranking system, but rather to take into account its wide use. As some readers pointed out (thanks!), this ranking system is also used by national teams to defend their results in front of their responsible authorities (ex: Ministry of sports). Those are the reasons why I decided to integrate this method.

The former ranking, based on the total number of medals won, is still available since it can be relevant to identify some nations we should keep an eye on. Changing from one ranking to the other is done dynamically on the same page in order to easily compare both of them.

See the new ranking system on the World Taekwondo Championships summary page.

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