The Quest for a Good, Free Fighting Game for Android

Fighting Games for Android Cellphones

Like many martial artists, I have always been a fighting game enthusiast. Game consoles, arcade machines, computers—combining all the platforms, I must have spent hundreds of hours on them.

Today, the device I use most is my Android smartphone, and I finally decided to look for a nice fighting game for when I wait in the subway or at the dentist. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of Android applications, so there should be one or two decent, free fighting games, right?

Oh how wrong I was…

I was quickly brought down to earth. With my first research on Google Play, I realized how few choices there were. It’s all the more true when you want a free app. Do not get me wrong: it is essential to fairly remunerate the developers; yet if you look at the numerous free options for other type of games (car race, adventure, etc.), it doesn’t seem like such madness to look for something similar in the fighting games section.

With a lot of effort, I could identify three possible candidates.

Kung Fu Do Fighting

Kung Fu Do Fighting - Fighting Game For Android

I am sure that I would have loved it—in 1994! 16-bit graphics, laughable background stages, only one music theme, only one attack button. Well, Kung Fu Do Fighting feels more like a botched and unfinished student project. Given that, I was actually surprised that it didn’t crash my phone.

Fighting Tiger Liberal

Fighting Tiger Liberal - Fighting Game For Android

There is no need to linger on this wrong pick. Both game description and screenshots let you think that it is a real fighting game, whereas it is in fact a beat’em up. In this category, I honestly think that Fighting Tiger Liberal is above average. But if you are looking for a real fighting game like I am, then just skip it.

Fist For Fighting

Fist For Fighting - Fighting Game For Android

In spite of the rude competition (meh…), this boxing game wins this comparative review hands down. The character graphics are cool, the background stages are nicely done, and the sportscaster (though repetitive) puts his two cents in a credible, entertaining atmosphere. The player has four different attacks: left or right punch to the head or to the trunk as well as a prerecorded combo, executed in a maybe-not-so-useful slow-motion video effect… All in all, Fist for Fighting is a fun game and its 4.2/5 rating on Google Play (with more than 4500 voters) proves that I am not the only one to think so.

Fighting Games on Android: the other options

After this first unfruitful search, I will have a look at the alternatives to finally get a decent fighting game on my Android smartphone:

    • Paying games – including games directly ported from other gaming platforms;
    • Emulators – the threshold to an unlimited fighting games library!

Following-up: 4 fighting games that will keep you stuck on your phone


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  2. Januar Tanzil says:

    Here’s a good fighting game (though) it’s a beat em up game rather than vs fighting game :

  3. naninan says:

    I want to play games

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