4 fighting games that will keep you stuck on your phone

Fighting Games for Android (credit: King Of Fighters by cirExUAB on deviantART)

As I concluded in my previous post, free fighting games on the Android platform are scarce and their quality ranges from decent to awful. One alternative solution is to use emulators in order to have access to the numerous fighting games available on the other platforms.

There are Android emulators for virtually any game console ever released on earth, yet not all of them are stable and easy to use. I chose to present the Neo Geo case, an arcade console of the last century, host of many legendary fighting games.

An emula…what?

Simply put, an emulator is an application that simulates a game console on your device. In other words, if you have a functioning rom (the digital file that contains a game’s data), you can use your device to run it as if it were on the original machine…

After a few tests of Neo Geo emulators for Android, I chose Neo.emu for its stability and its long list of supported games. The installation process is easy-peasy. To start a game, you just need to find the rom file in your cellphone memory.

I will spare you a fastidious search: here are the five fighting games that you must try out.

King of Fighters ‘99

King of Fighters '99 - android neogeo emulationThis one is a Neo Geo classic. With around thirty characters, an electric gameplay and devastating furies, KOF99 packs it all. The commands are tricky for a total rookie, but once you get the hang of it, trust me, it’s pure joy.
Download King of Fighter 99 for Neo.emu*

Samurai Shodown 4

Samurai Shodown IV - android neogeo emulationAnother venerable institution, the Samurai Shodown series offers sword fights – actually any bladed weapon or sticks since the characters use katanas, rapiers, spears, maces, etc. The graphics are well polished and the blood that gushes out is so real that it seems to spurt out of the screen. If you feel like a swordsman, Samurai Shodown 4 is your pick.
Download Samurai Shodown 4 for Neo.emu*

Art of Fighting 3

Art of Fighting 3 - android neogeo emulationThis is the most “neutral” fighting game of my selection. There is more focus on the technical combo rather than powerful special attacks. A common trait of an Art of Fighting game, the characters look bigger than in most any other 2D fighting game. It’s a love or hate thing. You will see it for yourself, but I’ll bet you won’t be disappointed.
Download Art of Fighting 3 for Neo.emu*

Garou: Mark of the Wolfes

Garou Mark of the Wolves - android neogeo emulationThis is by far the most beautiful game of the lot. Animations are super fluid and highly detailed (see Terry Bogard’s jacket when he does his Power Geyser). Plus, its gameplay is very accessible since even the powerful attacks are easily done by beginners. If I must find one flaw with this game, it’s that there are only twelve playable characters (and two hidden bosses). In fact, it is way enough to spend countless hours performing max damage combos! It is an experience that you won’t want to miss.
Download Garou: Mark of the Wolfes for Neo.emu*

Have you tried them all yet? What is your take? Leave a comment below!

*The use of rom files is only tolerated if you possess the original game

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