Check the results of your national team over time graphically

A fight is an extremely dense energy concentrate set free randomly in the form of brisk movements, lightning attacks, blows taken with pain, patterns studied tirelessly during training, or sometimes fight-saving reflexes. In this turmoil, right in the thick of the ring, time perception is distorted, and three minutes of a round seem infinitely longer and demanding than the daily one hour jog.

Hence in many cases it’s hard to take a step back and realize that the well-thought-through strategy devised with the coach will most certainly lead to defeat. Mike Tyson puts it this way: “Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face.” It takes a good deal of self-control and flexibility to become aware of the necessary change of direction.

Be flexible !
Like Mike Tyson, be flexible !

A less rigid system

Speaking of flexibility, I engaged in a change of approach regarding the analysis of championships.

As experimentally realized for the European Junior Taekwondo Championships, the method used concentrates a lot of data, and their relevance differs widely depending on the reader. Besides, the graphs I relied on aren’t customizable, and therefore limit the reader’s capacity to draw its own comparisons.
To fix this, I present to you the comparative dynamic charts. For a given championship, now you can compare past performances of various nations based on the criteria of your choice (reminder of the main data and their tricky interpretation).

A big event is coming and you’d like to find out which country to look out for? You just want to know if your national team follows a positive trend or if its results have plummeted recently? Now on KO podium you are just 3 clicks away from finding out!

Work In Progress

I know what you must be thinking: for now, there is just historical data for one single tiny championship… You are right. I spent a few hours to understand how to set up this new feature. Now it’s time to feed the database.

[Update: More taekwondo championships are available now!]

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