London 2012 Olympic Games

Gearing Up For The Olympic Games Taekwondo Competition

We are now less than two months away from the London 2012 Olympic Games. The participating taekwondo federations are concluding the selection process to find the lucky few athletes who will take part in the mighty competition. Which federations are most likely to stand out?

I am convinced that we can have a good guess at what the final medal count will look like by analyzing the results of big international championships of the last two years and by identifying some similarities with the times preceding Beijing 2008 and Athens 2004 Olympic Games. To do so, I have to:

    1. integrate more competitions into the analytucs process (as stated in the study of the European Taekwondo Championships);
    2. make reading and playing with the results even more simple and intuitive.

I am working on it!! Follow KO Podium on Twitter to be notified of the next update!

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Martial Art Movies: Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa

Find Out Why Seven Samurai Will Remain A Classic In 50 Years

Only a few movies allow the audience to penetrate fully into their world: the winding dirt track leading to a little town filled with samurai in search of adventure…the faces and bodies of the peasants deeply marked by years of hard labor…the magnetic power exuded by the warrior about to draw his deadly sword. Seven Samurai, Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece, isn’t just a story told, it’s a journey—an immersion experience into feudal Japan, three-and-a-half hours of emotional adventure alongside the most memorable team of swordsmen of all martial arts movies. Continue reading

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Logo - 2012 European Taekwondo Championships in Manchester

2012 European Taekwondo Championships: A Quick Debrief

The very best European taekwondo athletes were gathered last weekend in Manchester for the 2012 continental competition. Let’s review the results in the light of our thorough study of the European Taekwondo Championships of the past fifteen years. Continue reading

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Aaron Cook (Great Britain), -80kg Euopean Championships 2010 Champion

Study #3: European Taekwondo Championships

The 2012 European Taekwondo Championships start in a few days in Manchester. This is the last big event from top athletes across Europe before the London Olympic Games this summer. It’s also a great way for the heads of the federations to assess the shape of their troops. You need to know on what basis to run this evaluation though.

This serves as an opportunity for me to analyze the previous editions. Which is the best ranked country? Is your federation likely to stand out?
All the answers in this complete analysis!  Continue reading

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Beginning Sword Fighting: The Complete Guide

Sword Fighting - The Complete Guide: kendo, arnis, sport chambara, fencing

Looking up to role models builds-up our will to constantly strive to surpass ourselves. Our heros are the champions of our field, the ones we hope to be able to compete with someday. But we are also inspired by mythical figures such as samurai, shaolin monks or even jedi knights, especially during childhood. Totally thrilled, we imagine ourselves fighting with grace, power and perfect mastery against a group of fierce enemies. However, to really put ourselves in these incredible fighters’ shoes, one critical detail must be mastered: sword fighting.

So no, you are not the only one who dreamed of fighting with a sabre, with the dreadful technique of Miyamoto Musashi and the superhuman agility of Obiwan Kenobi! It’s not too late for you to take the matter into your own hands and start your sword fighting training.
Don’t know where to start? Read our complete guide. Continue reading

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Cesar Roman Rodriguez - 2010 World Jurnior Taekwondo Championships male MVPmale MVP

Study #2: World Junior Taekwondo Championships

The 9th World Junior Taekwondo Championships will be held in a few weeks (April 4th-8th) in Egypt. More than 700 budding champions between 14 and 17 years old will compete to not only defend their country’s flag but to earn the recognition that could launch their career. It is time for us to have a look at the previous editions.

Among 70+ participating nations, which ones can actually make it to the top?
Is the team you support one of them?
Read on to find out! Continue reading

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Bet on fighting

Sharing the charts made easier

Quick (and practical) update today. I tweaked the chart pages to include the parameters into the url, hence making them easier to share. For example, next month there will be the 9th WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships 2012 in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt). Let’s say you browse KO podium database to check your team last results – and maybe to try to guess how many medals it wil likely win with a trend-based analysis Continue reading

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Bruce Lee - Fist of Fury - Kung Fu Movies

Serious About Kung Fu Movies? Watch Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury

An electric atmosphere reigns in the center of the dojo. Chen Zhen — Bruce lee’s Chinese character — stands bare-chested, with all his muscles tensed and the fire of wrath burning in his eyes. He is surrounded by a whole group of Japanese martial arts disciples, outraged by his cocky intrusion and ready to give him a bone-breaking lesson. Finally, when two of his opponents decide to attack, one of the best group fights of all kung fu movies in history begins. Continue reading

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