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New Taekwondo Championships to follow

After adding graphs to visualize the past results of your national team, I updated the database with the results of the last 15 years – since 1997 – for the following events:

Four months to go before the London 2012 Olympic Games. However, to find out if your team will be covered with gold medals or if it will struggle to win a couple of bronze ones, check the current trend of its results!

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Martial Arts Championships Results Trends

Check the results of your national team over time graphically

A fight is an extremely dense energy concentrate set free randomly in the form of brisk movements, lightning attacks, blows taken with pain, patterns studied tirelessly during training, or sometimes fight-saving reflexes. In this turmoil, right in the thick of the ring, time perception is distorted, and three minutes of a round seem infinitely longer and demanding than the daily one hour jog. Continue reading

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Jade Jones - Great European Taekwondo Champion

Study #1: European Junior Taekwondo Championships

Through the analysis of the European Junior Taekwondo Championships from 1997 to 2011, we wanted to answer the following questions:

  • Who is ruling the Junior Taekwondo in Europe?
  • Which are the most promising nations?
  • Which are the ones with the most alarming results?

Well, we’ve got the answers and more. Continue reading

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Taekwondo medals - Gold, silver, bronze

Introducing the analysis of past championships results

As I mentioned in this post, my first data analysis will be about the European Taekwondo Junior Championships of the last 15 years. Here, we are talking about 8 championships, 37 participating nations, 510 medals count recorded, and around 600 more combined data (ranks, averages, ratios, etc.). There are lots of data available and thus we have to sort them and select the most interested ones! Continue reading

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Master Rochi's debatable training program

Don’t Be Too Disappointed: Master Roshi Is A Bad Trainer

At some point, we all dreamed about being his student. However, Master Roshi is wrong. Or rather, his method is incomplete. Finding a labeled rock in a dense and dangerous forest develops determination and courage. The home delivery of glass milk bottles over several miles while jogging improves stamina and speed. Plowing a field daily with bare hands boosts brute strength. And hey, all these delightful activities are to be done with a 40 pounds heavy turtle shell on your back! The only problem is that you can’t train a promising young athlete focusing only on the sport-related aspects. It is as important to prepare his (or her) academic and professional future. Continue reading

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Example of a result format

Focus on the results by nation over time

Until recently, one of my long term goals for KO Podium was to build a database with the results of the main events (world and continental championships), in order to identify champions – promising young athletes or experienced veterans – who deserve more coverage. I finally changed my mind for two reasons: Continue reading

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Bounce back from failure

How martial arts help you grow

I still remember this cold day of January, it was one week from my tenth birthday. I lost my first judo championship in the finals of a local tournament. Knocked down by an o-soto-gari perfectly well executed by my opponent, I was having a hard time to realize my defeat. The gold medal was lost, and the belief that I was the best cut into pieces!
After feeling very down for several hours, and thanks to comforting messages from my family and my instructor, I started to ask myself new questions. Did I give of my best? Would the outcome of the fight have been different if I had been all out? or if I had properly reproduced the patterns studied during training? In the end, what were my mistakes and how to do better next time? Continue reading

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